finding a ride

Most ride titles include the name of local authority responsible for the area covered. Use the search box (over there to your right) to search by local authority. Many suburbs that these rides pass though are not mentioned by name.

All the rides are tagged with common ride types so you can click on a ride type in the tag list (lower right, scroll down a bit if you can't see it) to get a list of other rides that might suit you. The "wheat" and "chaff" tags are my recommendations. They are largely based on the usability of the path itself. In line with my own riding habits there is a bias to commuting and recreational rides.

Using the link collections on the right you can navigate directly to any ride posted on this site.

The printable maps should be used as a rough guide only. Just about all the rides also have a link to a Bikely map which can be uploaded to your GPS device or smartphone. (edit 6.6.2011) Bikely has been great but I've noticed recently that it is increasingly offline so I'm looking for an alternative. MapMyRide looks good to me, I'm interested in hearing about any other alternatives