Like many people I got back into cycling after a car and motorcycle induced hiatus of a decade and a half. Then we had a son. He's 7 and has graduated from bike seat and tagalong to his own bike and the stoker's seat of our tandem.

With his arrival my cycling energies were re-focussed on recreational cycling facilities - they're pretty patchy and the online resources around them are patchy too; the DPI guides and maps are reasonably comprehensive but can be complex and uninspiring. The only other resource I found is simply an excuse for some googleads - the content is inane filler.

I take photographs for a living (my work site is here) and cycle for both fun and transport (often both at once!). perthbikepaths is a vanity press exercise; maintaining it is inspiration enough for me to investigate areas of Perth that I otherwise wouldn't see.

The opinions expressed in the posts are mine. They reflect my enthusiasms, circumstances and age to a large degree. Express your feelings about cycle paths I've covered by commenting. If you have anything you feel very strongly about, good or bad, please harass the bejesus out of the state and local authorities responsible.

And drop me a line if you have anything especially interesting you think I should check out.